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Heather Morris

Heather has been with our office since August 28, 2003, THE BEGINNING!  She has been crucial in the development of our office and best practices.  She graduated from Cossatot Community College of the University of Arkansas in 2001 as a Licensed Practical Nurse and in 2005 obtained her Limited License as a Radiologic Technician.

In addition to her nursing and administrative responsibilities, she is also our Transitional Care Manager.  Heather handles all Transitional Care Management Services, including Hospital, Domicile, Home Health, Nursing Home and Hospice Transitions. Heather works tirelessly to care for our patient and for that we are deeply grateful!

Should you have questions regarding medication changes, medication prior authorizations, outpatient/inpatient services and prior authorizations, home health, nursing home, hospice, FMLA and employer required documentation, please do not hesitate to call on Heather!