Leopard Care Clinic

On-Campus Full Service Medical Clinic

HOURS: Monday-Friday, 7AM – 4PM

Our goal with The Leopard Care Clinic is to help improve the lives of De Queen School District children and faculty by bringing essential services to them where they are and when they need it. 

We can provide a range of health services, from routine check-ups to treatment of chronic illnesses.  We will deliver convenient, high quality, low cost health services to children, adolescents and faculty on school campus.  Leopard Care Clinic supports student success because healthy students are better learners.

Advantages of the Leopard Care Clinic a School Based Health Clinic:

  • Students have direct access to health care providers while they are at school.
  • The clinic serves all students, whether or not they have insurance.
  • Students do not have to miss as much class time to receive basic healthcare.
  • Faculty will not have to miss work to take care of basic healthcare needs.
  • Parents do not have to miss work to take their children to the doctor.
  • Transportation problems in seeking healthcare are reduced.
  • Risky behaviors are identified and addressed.
  • Students learn how to be effective consumers of health care in a non-intimidating environments specifically in preventative areas.
  • Referrals are made to appropriate community providers for services not provided at Leopard Care Clinic.

Students and Faculty who have Access to Leopard Care Clinic:

  • Are more likely to seek the services they need.
  • Are more likely to take care of preventative appointments.
  • Comply with scheduled appointments with few “no shows.”
  • Get services from on-site providers who can follow up informally and who have a broader understanding of the student/faculty’s function at school.
  • Allows for integrated primary health care.

Proven Effectiveness for School Based Clinics:

  • School Based Clinics improve student and faculty attendance.
  • School Based Clinics decrease emergency room and urgent care visits.
  • School Based Clinics decrease hospitalizations for children with chronic conditions.
  • School Based Clinics improve access to and use of preventative services.
  • School Based Clinics improve vaccination rates.

Types of Services :

  • COVID-19 Rapid Swab
  • Diagnosis and treatment of Illnesses and Injuries
  • Comprehensive well-child and well-adolescent exams with risk assessments
  • Comprehensive adult preventative health exams with risk assessments
  • Sports Physicals
  • Management of Choric Conditions, such as asthma and diabetes
  • Onsite Crash cart and AED
  • Immunizations
  • School Bus DOT Physicals
  • School Work Comp
  • Hearing and Eye Exams
  • Laboratory Tests
  • Laboratory Tests Onsite:
    • Cholesterol
    • HgA1c
    • Microalbumin
    • PT/INR
    • Mononucleosis
    • Flu Swabs
    • Strep Swabs
    • RSV Swabs